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          Is heat treatment usually done before or after parts processing?

          From:Changzhou HongHuiHe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  Add Time:2018/7/20 13:10:02

          The location of the heat treatment process in the processing route is determined by the purpose and function of heat treatment. The purpose of pre heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress of the billet, to refine the grain, to organize uniform, to reduce the original defects and to improve the cutting performance, and to prepare for the final heat treatment. Pre heat treatment includes annealing, normalizing, and quenching and tempering. Generally after rough production, before machining or before finishing.

          The ultimate goal of heat treatment is to get the technical properties of the parts required by the drawings, and final heat treatment includes quenching, tempering and chemical heat treatment. After the final heat treatment, the hardness of the parts is generally high, and it is only suitable for grinding. In general, this process is arranged at the back of the process line.

          During the rough machining stage, most of the spare parts of each part are processed to improve productivity. The semi finishing stage is prepared for the finishing of the main surface finishing, ensuring a certain processing precision and a certain finishing allowance on these surfaces, and completing some minor final processing, usually before heat treatment, finishing the main surface finishing in the finishing stage, and ensuring the main surfaces to be reached. The requirements of the drawings are required.

          The principle of machining process arrangement is as follows.

          First, arrange rough machining, then arrange semi finishing, and finally arrange finishing.

          First, arrange the main surface and arrange the secondary surface.

          Third, the other surface after the base surface.

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